Dani & Adam

‘Mazel Tov!’
A Jewish phrase used to express congratulations for a happy and significant occasion. I always used to wonder what ‘Mazel Tov’ meant and why the groom would break a glass with his right foot at the end of the ceremony. I didn’t wonder long, upon hearing the exciting news –  MvR was chosen by Daniella, one of the ‘Charly’s Cake Angels’ from Charly’s Bakery, to film her and her sweetheart, Adams’ Jewish Wedding. And were we excited about that, as it was our very first Jewish Wedding! It was truly an amazing experience with all the Jewish traditions performed. We were literally kept on our toes! Marius and myself discovered that each couple’s wedding day tells a different story, having it’s own unique fragrance. With Dani and Adam’s Wedding, we could sense a special closeness between the family members. And as we all know, a close-knit family is absolutely priceless. Dani and Adam, may you enjoy the beauty and joy of creating a family of your own, while surrounded by family that will be there to enclose you with love, friendship and support.