I can still distinctly remember the day I held a camera in my hands for the first time. It was my 8th birthday and my Grandfather gifted me a 16mm film camera.

Little did I realise in that moment, that 20 years of my life and counting would revolve around a camera.

I call it ‘ The Journey of the Ever Present Camera’ and all the facets that go with it.

Layers and layers of learning and discovering, layers of advancing and layers of skill upon skill.

But above all this, I’ve realised that I’m passionate about finding and telling stories. It is indeed the story that brings life to a film that makes it extraordinary.

10 years into the journey, my lovely wife, Claire stepped in alongside me and completed the picture – the husband and wife team.

With attention to detail and a mission for perfection and precision, Claire ensures all content captured and produced is of the highest standard and quality.

Together, we are passionate, determined Film Makers on an exciting journey of seeking stories, filming them and then ultimately, creating captivating content that matters.